Is there an app for the FLRC forum?

Hello. This seems like the right place to post this question. Is there an Android app for this forum or is it a web only service? I checked the FAQ but didn’t see this question asked.


Yes, indeed! The FLRC forum is based on the open-source Discourse software, and there are free Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps available. They’re basically the same as loading the site in a Web browser, so the main win comes in breaking the site out into its own icon on your home screen (though you could do that with a Web bookmark as well).

If you participate in other Discourse-based forums (like the TidBITS Talk forum my company runs for discussion of Apple technologies), you can add them to the DiscourseHub apps as well.

Alas, the apps do not support push notifications of new posts due to platform limitations. I believe the only way to get push notifications on mobile is to use the Chrome Web browser in Android, since the core Discourse system supports normal Web browser notifications. Chrome in iOS has to use the MobileSafari foundation and it doesn’t support browser notifications.

I’ve added this information to the FAQ.

I think you download the Discourse Forum app in the Play Store and when you create your profile during the log-in process it connects you with FLRC. I think this is how it works, but can’t quite remember. I did it some time ago and have the app on my Android Pixel; the app icon is the FLRC logo on my phone.


I’ve been using the iOS app since I joined this forum and I’ll vouch for it. It’s easy enough to do everything I normally do on my PC, with the added bonus of having quick access to cell phone photos if I want to post any to a topic. (For lengthier posts I’ll go to the PC because I can type a lot faster, but it’s merely a matter of preference.) I never wished to turn on notifications though, so I don’t know if that would be an issue for anyone.

Woo! I just learned about a new iOS app for Discourse that works with the FLRC forum. (Sorry, Android users.)

It’s free and offers push notifications, if that’s your jam. (Mmm, fig jam!) I’m trying it now, and it seems pretty good.

DiscourseHUB is working well enough for me. Gives me pop up notifications on the phone so if there’s a conversation I should be aware of I’m pretty confident I’ll see them sooner than I had been.

Good to hear. I’m working on hearsay on the Android side. In iOS, DiscourseHub only shows notifications if it has been open recently. And if it’s feeling kindly. With a tailwind.