Ithaca area doctor/physician with knowledge of running issues

Hello all,

I have been noticing some discomfort in my Achilles tendon area and want to get it checked. Also, in general I have runners knee that I would like to treat better. Would someone recommend a doctor(s) in the area that could take a look and help me figure out what is going on?


Andy Getzin, MD, at Cayuga Sports Medicine frequently treats local runners (and all types of athletes) for injuries. I’ve been to him a few types for various overuse injuries, including an Achilles tendon injury in 2016, and he’s always gotten me back together while thoroughly explaining the process. He and his staff have always been great. There’s also a large physical therapy office in the same building which is part of the same health system—convenient if you end up needing a PT referral.

Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance | Cayuga Medical Center

You might also see if you can get in to see Gerrit Van Loon. He’s an ultrarunner and chiropractor, and he specializes in a therapy called Active Release Technique. With some problems, getting certain muscles to relax via ART can be all that’s necessary to relieve the pain.

(And I added a section to the Newcomer’s Guide to Running in Ithaca with some other names of various healthcare providers who have been recommended by the community over the years.)