Jakob Ingebrigtsen: “Hot weather is happy weather”

Finally! Another runner who agrees with me on this point. :rofl:

Wow, he really doesn’t want to answer questions, does he?

When I raced the National Masters 5K Championships in 2018, it was held in Atlanta in August, and I was really worried about the heat. So for the month beforehand, I made a point of running at noon, especially on the hottest days, rather than trying to evade the heat, and after a few weeks, my body acclimated well. The actual race was early in the morning and the temperature was entirely reasonable in the mid-70s, albeit with very high humidity, and the conditions didn’t end up bothering me at all.

I have fond memories of running the Brookton Hill & Dale course on a 90 degree afternoon. Give me a hot day over a cold one, any time!

I can’t agree, at least when it comes to running haha! This little bit of heat recently isn’t running weather in my opinion!

Gimme triple digits over single digits, any day of the week and any week of the year! “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.”

I’m the opposite Pete. Single digits over triple (as long as there is minimal wind).