Jami Landry and Paul Maza are the first to complete the 2022 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge!

Two weeks in, @Challengers, and we have our first FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge completion! Congratulations to Jami Landry (@jami) and Paul Maza (@FARVets), who took down the longest and hardest courses last night, before methodically working their way through everything else, including a Sweet 1600 on the Dryden track. You can see the full list on Jami’s activity log (there’s a disconnect between one of Paul’s Webscorer registrations and the leaderboard that we’re working on). Impressive running, and we’re all looking forward to a full report with pictures. Their running time, assuming my math is correct, was 16:12:23, and their elapsed time was 23:26:56, under the 24-hour cutoff, but not by a lot.


Congratulations! That is awesome and what a great day for it


You guys are amazing! I am in awe of you both.


Thank you! Yes it was a great day out to do this today and last night. Coolish and clear

Thank you! It was tough but fun!

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Congrats to both of you! It’s a beautiful weekend for it, and nice to see so much interest in the ultra this early in the Challenge.


These three are repeaters, I’d love to also see someone new get it done!


Awesome guys! Congratulations!


Thanks, Pete! Yeah kinda early in the season for the 100k, but we figured it would be better to do in cooler weather than in the height of the summer. It was perfect weather!

I’ve updated the original writeup with their running time of 16:12:23 and elapsed time of 23:26:56. Great work!

Awesome you two! Great effort and certainly favorable weather.


Thanks Damian! Congrats to you too! Too bad we didn’t cross paths out there!

FLRC 100k Ultra Challenge 2022 Race Report Jami and Paul

We really enjoyed the 100k Challenge! Our experience from last year was very helpful. The detailed write-up last year was fun to write, but we thought we’d try something different this year! We split up the routes to write the stanzas, and found that they actually conveyed our feelings of the trek pretty well. We briefly thought about writing haikus, but we figured that limericks better fit our style and the taste of this group! We hope you enjoy it!

Lick Brook and Treman FLT

The climbing was epic, the views hard to beat,

A fantasy later while pounding the street,

The best one of all,

But a long way to fall,

The last of the day’s lovely heat.

Brookton Hill and Dale

‘Twas late evening, no cars on the road,

Ran to sounds of night, often some toads.

Moonless sky, but stars were out,

Helped to guide us run about

Good second route, increased our mile load.

East Hill Dryden Rail Trail

The darkness it dragged and the sandman bore down,

Intervals ‘neath the stars on the far side of town,

Counting minutes or sheep?

The last run before sleep,

If doubts were his tears then I’d drown.

The most valuable gem we learned on the fly,

Sleep an hour ‘fore dawn, when you think might die,

With the sun shining bright,

It’s like you slept a full night,

You can’t run without sleep, as hard as you try

Cornell Botanic Gardens Beebe Lake

At the dawn we embarked on this run,

A bit of warmth as we greeted the sun.

The curves of the route

A pretty lake trail to boot

Rejuvenated now to have more fun!

Jim Schug Trail

Ducks quacked from the pond, birds sang from the trees,

The soft grass underfoot was good for the knees,

The closest to home,

A day fit for a poem,

A stop at my house for a couple of pees.

Long Loomis

Sure was nice to be back on a trail,

Woods and terrain would never fail.

Our backyard place close to home,

Our minds and feet all could roam,

Six routes done but yet not a clear sail

Our car aid station was quite a treat

Some time to rest and take time to eat

Eggwich, beyond burgers, more

Fruit, milk, soup, ramen galore

Fuel up with yummy food, hard to beat!

Sweet 1600

Run on the sides and walk on the curve,

A dash down the line then a glorious swerve,

The turf has a spring,

We laugh at everything,

This track has a vibe we deserve.

Lansing Center Trail

RunGo was so much needed here,

Getting off course was a solid fear.

Fifty miles now, did the math,

Loops and turns along the path,

Squishy wet grass but the end is near!

Inlet Shore Trail

The pounding of pavement the ding of the watch,

What would we give to be bushwhacking with squatch,

We have to admit,

We think pavement is shit,

But the views of the inlet are posh.

Taughannock Rim and Falls

The last route of the day was so fun,

After knowing we’d finish the run.

Up and down the rim we went,

Views of the falls heaven sent.

Feelings of pride were second to none!

An Afterword: Even the Pavement was Nice

This was a thoughtfully curated set of courses where every type of runner was represented. It felt like a tour of running as a sport. Thanks so much to everyone who assembled this beast. We did love every minute in retrospect (even the pavement).


WOW! Love this report! Congrats to you both-- thanks for sharing bits of the adventure. <3

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Thanks Amanda! It was fun to run and fun to write!

What a wonderful way to share the feeling of your runs—thank you! And I’m so pleased to hear that you noticed how much thought went into the course selection as a way of representing all the aspects of running. We all have our favorites, but it’s good to experience what others like too every now and then.


Let’s welcome Jami, Paul, and @DamianClemons to the finishers list for this year’s Ultra Challenge! FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge - Finger Lakes Runners Club

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What a great race report! I’d find it more daunting to craft limericks than run all the Challenge courses! Congrats to Paul and Jami! And Damian too!

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Thanks Charlie! The limericks were fun to write! And we kept them clean lol, no references to Nantucket etc haha