Join us at the FLRC Annual Meeting, March 8th from 3–5 PM at Agava!

FLRC’s Annual Meeting is coming up in less than a month! This year we’re having the meeting at Agava Restaurant, from 3–5 PM on Sunday, March 8th. We’ll be providing appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks; there will also be a cash bar. The event is free to all FLRC members and their families, but please RSVP on Webscorer so we can get a headcount for the restaurant.

We’ll kick things off with a financial report, remarks from the past and present presidents, and a recap of 2019 from our VPs of roads, trail, and track. Next up, Karen Ingall will talk briefly about what it’s like to run a team relay race like Seneca 7, the Hammond Trail Relays, and the Triennial Trail Relay.

Then we have a special presentation from Chelsea Benson, Bailey Drewes, and Ellie Pell, the hardworking and talented women who will recently have returned from competing in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, hopefully armed with PRs and pictures.

Before the final social mingling time, we’ll announce the coveted 2019 Volunteer of the Year award, the 2019 Pebblehead/Stonehead/Boulderhead winners, and new Lifetime Members.

So you have something sweet to munch on during the presentations, we’ll once again be having our traditional dessert contest. Start planning your pastries and composing your cakes!

See you on March 8th, and don’t forget to RSVP.

Just a reminder to RSVP for the Annual Meeting if you want to join us. Along with our main presentation from Chelsea, Bailey, and Ellie, we hope to have something special to show off for our Pebblehead/Stonehead/Boulderhead winners this year.