Kind words about our track meet organization and volunteers

Hey @track-volunteers and @board. Runners, coaches, and spectators often say kind things about our track meets, but I wanted to pass along this email so you can all share in the well-deserved accolades. Comments like this are how we know we’re doing it right. Great work, everyone.

Good morning,

I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you regarding the indoor track meets your organization ran this winter at Barton Hall. My daughters and I have always been involved with their high school’s basketball program in previous years, so we did not have the opportunity to participate in any indoor track activities and honestly did not know what was available in the area. My daughters made the decision to not play basketball this season - due to coaching issues - and immediately asked about finding a couple of indoor meets this winter.

My wife had found your club online, told me about the meets, and the rest is history. My daughters competed in all three of the meets and several of my high school track athletes joined them - including one of our young coaches who is already eying up outdoor opportunities.

We were very pleased with all three of our experiences. The meets were very well organized, well run, and all of the volunteers were absolutely excellent. My wife and the parents of my other athletes commented on not only the friendly demeanor of the volunteers but also how they really seemed to be having a great time together and enjoying working the event. We made the drive from Mansfield, PA so the travel was very reasonable, and the pricing of the events cannot be beat! My athletes very much enjoyed the in-race announcing of the participants.

Thank you to you and your staff for providing an outstanding indoor track experience for my daughters and athletes. I am certain we will have athletes taking part in next year’s meets.