Last call to register for Saturday’s Tortoise & Hare Trail Race

The FLRC classic Tortoise & Hare Trail Race is our most beginner friendly off-road event and our closest to downtown Ithaca. The race is this Saturday, June 18th, and starts at 9 a.m. at lower Buttermilk Falls State Park. Registration closes at 6 p.m. on Friday, the night before the race.

Register now to enjoy the beautiful singletrack trails and finish fast on the final downhill mile!


I have a credit card issue and waiting for a new card. Is there any way I can register and bring a check/cash Saturday??

Not a problem, Tom—if you can bring me a check on Saturday, I’ll send you a coupon code to finish the registration online. More in a private message…

Thanks Adam, I have a check written. Don’t see the coupon code option on the registration. I’m not on webscorer. Tom

Hey @tootoughtom,

We use Webscorer for registration for most of our races, including Tortoise & Hare, and you don’t need an account or app or anything. Just go to this page:

And fill out the registration, putting the coupon code I sent you in a private message in the box above where it calculates the total. That way you’re in the timing system and you’ll have agreed to the waiver.

OK so now I’m seeing the complication in this; you referred to a private message, but not sure what you meant by that; if was somehow connected to a cell phone, I don’t have one of those anymore. Otherwise, not sure what you’re referring to. Sorry for the complications for one little registration. Assuming I’m going to be able to run one way or another.

It’s a private message here on the forum, which you should have received as email too. (No cell phones involved. You can click your icon in the upper-right corner of the website and then click the envelope icon to see the messages.) But I’ll send separate email with the coupon code as well…