Last Chance to Register For Winter Chill

Get ready to Chill out with FLRC and sign up by 6 pm tomorrow, Saturday, for the first Winter Chill of 2022!

As in the past, registering for the Winter Chill 5K series is free, but you must be an FLRC club member. If you’re new to the club or your membership has lapsed during the pandemic, join or renew online today , since there won’t be an option to sign up at the race. (It’s cold, and no one wants to handle paper!) Once that’s set, register for the series —you’ll be signed up for all four races and will use the same bib number for all of them, so remember to bring your bib every week. You can skip any individual race that doesn’t fit your schedule.

Sign up now, and see you Sunday! -Sarah Drumheller

I thought that this was cancelled because of Covid.

No, the Winter Chill series is on for 2022, but if there’s some piece of information we’ve published that led you to that belief, please let me know so we can fix it. It was canceled in 2021, so if you were looking at last year’s pages, that might account for the confusion.

I’m sure that it was probably just the old page. Thanks for letting me know. See you there!