Learn about running injuries with FLRC Presents on 9/24 at 6:30 PM

A quick reminder that this Thursday, September 24th at 6:30 PM, FLRC is hosting a Zoom presentation by physical therapist Jason Tuori on the risk factors for running injuries. It’s free, but registration is required to get the Zoom link. Details at:

Adam - will this be recorded? I’d like to hear it, but have a conflict.
Thanks - Charlie

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Yes, it will be recorded, though it may take a little while to get it uploaded to FLRC’s YouTube account (the last time I did that, YouTube was “processing” for a long time).

And we can continue questions and discussions here on the forum.

Excellent - thanks Adam!

Thank you, Adam! I have a conflict but will definitely watch the recording of the event when you have the link to share.

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