Lick Brook and Treman Course

Hi Everyone, a friend wants to join me for part of this course. Would it work to run the shorter out and back side towards W King Road first and then the longer side second? It looks that way in RunGo but I just wanted to be sure before we set out.

Thanks, Kate

It will work just fine - you can do either side first. If you are relying on the RunGo directions, however, as you head out to do the Lick Brook side toward King Road, the directions will recalibrate near the beginning as they realize that you are “skipping ahead.” I’m not exactly expert, but my suggestion would be when you get back to the parking lot and embark on the Treman side, stop the RunGo and then restart it. That way, it won’t be confused about why you are several miles into the run, but also “starting” the run from the beginning.

I second Tonya’s recommendation to restart RunGo… just works better in my experience


Thanks to you both for the suggestions!

Have a great weekend, Kate