Lifetime membership nominations for 2024

Every few years, FLRC honors our most involved members with lifetime membership, and we’re opening nominations for 2024.

As you can read on the page linked above, we award lifetime membership to club members who:

  1. Have extensive service comprising either:
    • 10-plus years of service as a Board Member, Officer, Race Director, and/or Coordinator in the club, or
    • 15-plus years of service as a significant volunteer for four or more club events each calendar year.
  2. Encouraged others to participate in running and in the club by promoting new ideas, running groups, new events, or by increasing participation in our races.
  3. Supported the running community in other ways, including but not limited to involvement with other community-based running events, or maintaining a section of trail.

If you would like to nominate someone (and it’s fine to nominate yourself), please send their name and a recommendation to me at Recommendations should include the person’s years of service, volunteer positions held, races volunteered at, and what you consider their above-and-beyond achievements and dedication to FLRC and running in general.

Nominations should be submitted by November 1, and the board will vote by secret ballot at the November board meeting.

Since nominations are confidential to the board, I’m closing replies on this topic to ensure that no one inadvertently posts here.