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The sun was out in full force by the time I made it to Danby. The half-hour drive helped provide a little recovery time, and I was able to eat a full meal (cream cheese bagel, strawberries, cucumber) with the A/C blasting the whole trip, ending up feeling pretty good by the time I started.

That lasted all of 1/2 a mile, until I was out in the fields, regretting most of my life decisions. But upon transitioning to the woods, I saw a family of groundhogs (5 babies?) and the cool beaver dam, and so many other critters, that I just kept chugging along.

My GPS freaked out approaching the train tracks, so I think I did the orange/purple loop backwards, but I “covered the ground” at least. I usually start to get the brain scramblies around mile 16-18, and was expecting to be able to rely on my watch for directions, but it didn’t like something about the overlapping loops, which made me need to figure things out on my own. Despite bringing 5L of liquids, I ran out after finishing this one, and needed to stop by a convenience store on the way to Lick Brook.

Part 3 - FH Fox
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Part 5 - Treman Trailipop