Looking for runners to join a unique event to support a Congressional candidate

This post is about an event to support the winner of the Democratic primary for US Congress in our district (NY19). If you don’t want to mix running and politics, please keep scrolling. :grinning:

There is a lot at stake in our upcoming midterm elections this November. I am organizing a fundraiser to support the Democratic winner of the Congressional Primary (Josh Riley and Jamie Cheney are the two candidates). I plan to run 19 miles a day for two consecutive days this September (most likely 9/10 and 9/11) and ask people to sponsor me by donating via ActBlue to our CD19 Congressional Primary winner. I did a similar fundraiser in 2020 for Tracy Mitrano and raised over $7000. My hope is to expand the fundraiser this time around to include as many runners as possible from Tompkins County and the other counties in our district to raise even more money and awareness.

Are you interested in getting involved? Participants will do the following:

  1. Run or walk 19 miles (or kilometers) one day, both days or split over two days during the 2-day event at any location and time that is convenient for them. Have a race already planned that weekend? No problem! Just work it into your total mileage goal.

  2. Do any combination of the following that you are comfortable with to help raise awareness and money for the November election:

    • post fundraiser details and talking points on social media
    • ask friends/family for support
    • participate in press releases, letters to the editor, etc
      (I will have optional templates for everything available for participating runners)

This fundraiser has absolutely no affiliation with the Finger Lakes Runners Club and everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in potentially getting involved, please let me know by replying to this thread, sending me a private message, or emailing me at lizhartman@gmail.com

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@MWoods and @crosby.woods, this is the fundraiser we talked about last night!