Looking to find a 50k nearby

I would like to run a 50k this year. I was thinking of doing FL50s but it turns out I have a conflict on that race day. So I am looking for a face in the finger lakes region or northern PA that I could drive to pretty easily, preferably not more than 2 hours. It would probably need to be at least late Spring early Summer to give me time to train. What are your suggestions?

A few off the top of my head — Cayuga Trails 50k, English’s Ridge Rumble, Hyner 50k (if you can somehow manage to get in), Green Lakes Endurance Run if you can wait until August.


Water Gap 50K (WaterGap).

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In 2024 Ironwood has added a 50k option for the Great Hill Ultra.

Although Many on the Genny is longer than a 50k, It might also be worth considering as the difficulty level is probably a tad less than some of the others in my opinion.

ERR is definitely on the easier end of the spectrum and probably a really good choice if you are looking to ease back in. About 1300’ per loop (three loops), but all very runnable.

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Thanks for the ideas. I had totally forgot about Green Lakes Endurance Run. I remember seeing that before. I definitely want to check that one out. Do you know any details for English’s Ridge Rumble. I have never heard of that before.

I have run that before. That is always one to think of just getting back into it

The Great Hill Ultra sounds interesting and then I could try to move up to the 100k in the future. Have you run that one?

Many on the Genny has been on my to do list for a while now.

English’s Ridge Rumble

One loop. Times 3 for the 50k.

It’s in mid April, so not a ton of time left to train.

Great Hill

I ended up with a couple bonus miles, but it is still pretty close.
The 50k starts at the midpoint and finishes with the 100k.

There is also this one now as well, but it is just a little over a month away and probably more of a drive than you are looking for.

Yeah. Probably not ready for a 50k in a month. The ERR looks fun but I am already sign up for Skunk Cabbage the Sunday before, However, I have probably done dummer things. See How Training Goes. The other one sounds like fun and would be totally new for me.

Green Lakes is about as easy as you’ll find around here for a 50k trail race. It’s well organized and a scenic course. You could also consider the Thom B trail marathon in May if you aren’t totally set on an ultra.


And, looking forward to September, there’s the Two Hollows Monster Marathon: nearby, beautiful singletrack, congenial atmosphere, plenty of hills, lumbering monsters, hand-crafted finisher awards, lunch/cake/beer, age/gender headstarts, and a low FLRC entry price. Or, for anyone looking to go shorter, there’s a half marathon option, as well. Registration is open now.


Thanks. And I am considering Thom B marathon if I am in shape enough by then. It will be really slow either way. Everyone from last year finished before I would finish by a ways.

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Monster Marathon is definitely on my list of races to do. Ihave been wanting to do it the last few years but it just hasn’t worked out. Hopefully this is the year.

Did you end up choosing a race? I also want to race a 50k this year and I’m swaying heavily towards the Great Hill Ultra. Those trails around Naples are so beautiful and challenging. The current entrant pool is sparse so far, hoping it draws more folks!

I also signed up for that Devil’s Shadow 50k, but I’ll be running that as a long run instead of actually racing it. Not ready for that yet.

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I have not settled on a race yet. I am learning towards something later in the year. I am not sure I want my first ultra back to be mid summer as the heat does not treat me well.

Its funny that I was thinking I would try to avoid a mid summer race, but now I am leaning towards running Many on The Genny which is in July. It is a race that has always interested me and this year might the year to do it since I have nothing else on the calendar.

This is my favorite 50K (not that I have a lot of experience with other 50Ks):

It is not yet on the 2024 calendar, but I hope they run it again. Not too hilly, a beautiful trail, and great time of year (Sept/Oct).

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I have run Water Gap before. It was an experience. The area is beautiful. I really want to get back for a more relaxed visit.