Lunch after PGXC #4 on Sunday, October 30

@pgxc-high-noon @pgxc-flrc Several people have asked about a lunch gathering on Sunday. Keeping in mind that we are seeking venues with outdoor seating, a few obvious options either aren’t open or don’t really have lunch. However, I’ve now had two recommendations from teammates for Crossroads Bar and Grille in Lansing (near last summer’s Challenge course), so I gave them a call and they confirmed that outdoor seating will be available and that they will have real lunch food.


In fact, I have a sort-of reservation (under the name “Tonya”) for us to trickle in between 1 and 2 PM. Crossroads isn’t too far out of the way for anyone, even if it’s not quite on the way for most of us (Google Maps pin).


Not sure how this “isn’t too far out of the way” for those of us from Groton, Cortland and Locke! But do appreciate your team building efforts! Enjoy. I will give it a miss and enjoy my first FLRC event ever that requires less than an hour in the car!

Well, it’s not in downtown Ithaca. :slight_smile: We were hoping to go to Brewers Taproom & Kitchen on Rt 13 near NYSEG, but it’s not open on Sundays.

Google Maps locates the restaurant at 14 miles from Danby, 10 miles from my home, 10 miles from Groton, and 9 miles from Cass Park. I think it is somewhat equally out of the way for most of us, except for the Lamberts, who live in Lansing. But, yes, it sure is nice to have a race that is close by!