Malcolm Gladwell runs 5:15 at age 57 to beat a publishing industry rival

5:15 at 57 is an entirely legitimate time, so clearly we need to invite Malcolm Gladwell to the next Hartshorne Masters Mile. If he comes, I’ll defend the Ithaca and tech publishing world’s honor and line up against him. Injuries have prevented me from racing the mile for a few years, but since I recently did a 5:25 on the East Hill Rec Way downhill mile untrained, I think I can give him a run for his money.

What do you think, @crf1 and @Thartshorne? Shall we gin it up a bit?

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I think Chris Chavez is famous enough (may be even marginally more famous than Gladwell amongst younger runners who run but don’t read as much) that he isn’t just a “publishing industry rival” any more :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s a generational thing, though Google Search Trends seems to suggest a more general difference in popularity. :slight_smile: (I have to admit that I had never heard of Chris Chavez before this.),Malcolm%20Gladwell