Monster Marathon/Half Volunteering Opportunities

The Two Hollows Monster Marathon and Half trail races are this Sunday, September 3. We’ve recently had a cancellation for the Bib Pickup/Registration Table for the race and need a replacement. Our first runners start at 7:09am, so we’d need someone there around 7:00am or so. There are a couple of other opportunities available as well. Please consider; you can go to HelperHelper to sign up. Thanks and if you have any questions let us know.

If you’re interested in registering and running the marathon or half, registration closes tomorrow (Friday) at 12:00pm (noon), so do it soon!

signed up I might have my daughter Charlotte with me too. I also threw my name in for the AS help if help is still needed after

I could do it, but one has to be a member of that Helperhelper website, I am not.

Thanks @vinny-cappadora - much appreciated, and I’m sure Charlotte will be a big help too!

@SteveShaum HelperHelper shows registration as full, but I can come at 7:00 or earlier to hand out bibs if needed. My marathon start time is 7:56 so I’d need to be done by then.

Pete, Vinny signed up to hand out bibs. If you wish to hang with him and work together, you are welcome to do so. We have 21 people registered for the full and 60 for the half, so the registration table will be pretty quiet before your start time. We look forward to having you there whenever you—and your smiling face—shows up.

I tried replying to the email requests from Steve Shaum for Monster Marathon/Half Volunteering Opportunities and to Charlie Fay and Carl Frank for signing up for XC races but no luck. Please send me your emails addresses. Thank you, Bob Walters

Hey @Bwalters,

I think the problem is that you’ve been replying to these messages from your account, whereas your account is the one that matches an account here on the forum. The forum doesn’t accept email from unrecognized addresses to block spam.

I’ve added your Gmail account as a secondary address (you’ll need to confirm the message it just sent you), after which you should be able to reply from either address.

Take note, @SteveShaum, @CharlieF, and @cfranck

Thank you :man_running::blush:

I am available to help (and new to the region). I am available all day as needed.

Thanks, and welcome to the area! The race directors can confirm, @Gerald, but I think they’re set for Monster.

However, if you’re around on September 10, we still need a few more people for the Ithaca 5&10, which has openings you can sign up for in Helper Helper.

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