Much Obliged for Any Experiences Positive or Negative about Runnng After Knee Joint Replacement

Dear Runners, Much obliged if you can put me in touch with anyone who has actual experience running (good or bad) after total knee joint replacement. Happy Summer You’all!!, Carl (Carl Franck)

Perhaps @JTuori, @Brian, @karl-granroth, or @gvanloon have seen people who have this experience?

Thanks Sir!

Hi Carl

Not sure any of the many patients with total knee replacements that I have seen in 20 yrs of practice have returned to regular running. That said, it’s not unheard of in the literature but I would certainly defer to the surgeon who did the operation. Run across the street to save your life? Of course. Regularly put the artificial joint through the impact forces of running? Not sure it’s worth it in the long term. Revision, meaning second replacement, is technically an option, but outcomes are never as good as initial one. Sorry, probably not the news you were hoping for!

Brian Lee
PS sorry for delayed response!

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Hi Brian, Thanks for your very thoughtful response. Special thanks for all your help for me!, Best Summer Wishes, Carl

You’re welcome and enjoy the summer!