New High Noon jersey order open through 9/19 at 9 AM

Good news, @pgxc-high-noon, we may be able to get a new High Noon jersey order printed in time for the last race or two. To make that possible, I need to submit it next Monday morning, so if you want to order one, you’ll need to do so before 9/19 at 9 AM. Order on Webscorer.

Prices have gone up since 2019, so they’re now $45. You can specify the text on the back of the jersey to be your last name in all caps; otherwise it will be ITHACA.

Sizing is pretty much what you’d expect—I’m a medium (6’0" tall, 160 pounds), as are many others in our group. Most people have probably seen the jerseys in action at a PGXC race, but if not, here’s what they look like apart from the logo and ITHACA being a little smaller than the current ones). They’re designed to be worn with black shorts.

Any questions, just ask!

@pgxc-high-noon Just a reminder that if you want a personalized High Noon jersey, get the order in before tomorrow morning!

@pgxc-high-noon The most recent jersey order just came in, and I’ll be bringing them all to the race on Sunday. Those who ordered can pick up their custom jerseys, and I think I’ll have five more (1 S, 3 M, 1 L) with ITHACA on the back to borrow or buy for $45.