Newfield Planning Board looking for feedback from local runners and cyclists

Thanks to @twalsky for passing this on:

Former FLRC treasurer @gmallinger (who’s also the Newfield Town Supervisor) told me that the Planning Board meeting is this Wednesday and available to folks via Zoom.

So @Mikhail_Kern, @patrickmilano, @rogmos, @veritymo and anyone else who lives near Newfield, I encourage you to weigh in.

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Thank you, Adam.

Last minute change on the meeting night. With the holiday this Thursday the Planning Board has opted to reschedule this meeting for NEXT WEEK July 10th. Same time, same Zoom link.


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Thanks, @gmallinger. @Mikhail_Kern, @patrickmilano, @rogmos, @veritymo, note the new schedule for the Planning Board meeting on July 10 (scroll up in the forum for the link).