One NY Virtual Challenge Run

Anyone interested in competing on a team for the One NY Virtual Challenge Run? Team TLC is looking for others to join us. You can complete the 500k or 1000k challenge. Additional information can be found at:

This may be the motivation you need to keep going this summer.

Lorrie Tily

Some of us old-timers took place in the actual Cross-State Relay in 1980 (?). I did the section from Pompey Hill to Nelson fire station, in the dead of the night.

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Truck’s post about the Cross-State relay is correct and only off by a decade as the race was held in 1990 and again in 1992. The race started at 6 AM Saturday in Depew (suburban Buffalo) and finished whenever you finished on Sunday at the track at SUNY Albany, about 270 miles right down US20 the whole way. At night you had to have a car follow your runner with the flashers on; driving the segments was probably worse than running!

We had combined HighNoon/FLRC teams both times and each time we finished third out of about 20 teams. The first time there were two very strong teams, one from Syracuse area and one from downstate and we were SO third that it was pretty dull. By late Saturday afternoon we were more than 30 minutes behind the team in second and almost an hour in front of the team in fourth. In 1992 we had more of our strongest runners late in the day and overnight and moved up from sixth mid-day Saturday to third by early Sunday morning.

This is my first post to the FLRC list and I know it’s a bit late, but if people are interested I could find and post the history. I’m sure there are race reports deep in the HighNoon archive!


Please do. The High Noon archive, such as it is, is merely what various people may have saved in email, whereas anything posted here is public and can be indexed by the search engines. Think posterity!

Off by a decade! Old age. I still have the t-shirt but did not dig it out to check the date.