One or two courses to go!

Three days to go, @Challengers, and there are 12 people who just need one or two more runs to finish off the FLRC Challenge and earn their medal. You probably know if you’re in that category, but scroll down in this list to see if there’s a friend who could use encouragement or company on their final courses.

We’re at 76 finishers out of 164 people who’ve run at least one course, and I’d love to see us break a 50% completion rate!

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So close, folks! Some of our most likely finishers in the remaining two days:

  • @Mikhail_Kern and @aaronholly, you both need Pseudo Skunk Cabbage, and you’re relatively well matched.

  • @jhodges117, Mik and Aaron might not be quite the same speed as you, but they could be a good group to tag onto. And then run a quick East Hill Rec Way when you’re done.

  • @Iris, you need Forest Frolic, and @heathercobb3 might be willing to hike it with you.

  • @ryan-vooris, you need Thom B., as does @Francine_Barchett, and you should be relatively well matched. And Francine, once you’ve got Thom B, Tortoise should be easy to knock off.

@Iris, and I (and possibly @nichole-cappadora) are hiking Forest Frolic on Friday!


Thanks Adam for putting this together! It felt great to finish up the Challenge this morning on Skunk Cabbage, the Challenge definitely gave me the motivation I was sorely lacking in this holiday season!



Nice job with Pseudo Skunk today, and I’m super pleased that you finished!

Our list of folks with only one course to complete is down to @jhodges117, @ryan-vooris, @rebeccamlambert, and @Dina_Maxwell — you can do it today!

Done!!! Yippee!


You are the best, Heather! Thanks for all your help to get me out there on those trail runs (and Gerrit, too!)