Orienteering event at the Finger Lakes National Forest

Just passing this on for anyone who might be looking for another way to enjoy our local trails by mixing map reading with running and hiking. (I’ve only done this once, at Lime Hollow, and my map-reading skills proved fairly pitiful, which resulted in me running about 10 miles instead of the 6 that was possible. But it would be way more fun with friends. Particularly map-smart friends.) From the site:

What is a Rogaine? The concept is very straightforward—teams of two to five people have a fixed time (6, 12, or 24 hours in this event) to visit as many checkpoints as possible, walking, running or resting as they see fit (solo entries will be allowed in the 6-hour event this year, but not in the longer 12 or 24 hour competitions). The checkpoints (controls) are spread over a large area, and are pre-marked on a map issued shortly before the start of the event. Point values for visiting each control vary (and are specified in advance) depending on such factors as the distance from the start/finish area, elevation, navigational complexity, and the whims of the course setter. The members of the team must stay together throughout the event, for reasons of safety.

And about the event:

This year the Rogaine will be held June 17-18 at Finger Lakes National Forest. It will be back to our usual 6/12/24 hour format, all duration events will be starting at noon on Saturday (after a map distribution at 10 am). Teams of 2-5 members will be required for the 12 and 24 hour versions, we will allow either team or solo participation in the 6-hour race. Full information about the event is available at Central New York Orienteering - 2023 ROGAINE , and registration may be done online at EventReg | 2023 CNYO Rogaine .

We hope to see many of you there!

Eric Smith (event director)

Sounds like fun. Too bad it is on the same weekend as Gorgeous Ithaca Half.