Our Fearless Leader

I couldn’t resist passing on this self-description by Adam in his latest TidBITS newsletter…

“As a professional writer, picky editor, and amateur obsessive-compulsive, I try to ensure that everything I write is correctly spelled, formatted, and punctuated, no matter the context or venue. Within reason, of course—I’m not completely insane.”

I was wondering about the last part, but then I recalled some of the running exploits of FLRC members and decided that Adam is well on the sane side. “It’s not insane if it has to do with running” has been a well-proven motto for all my time in the FLRC.

Hah! It’s always amusing when worlds collide.

After all, how can anything associated with running be insane when it’s clinically proven that running increases sanity? Of course, by a simple quantity measure, our ultramarathoners would be the sanest of all of us, so clearly this needs more analysis.

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Counter-example: WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE - Gary Robbins and The Barkley Marathons - YouTube

C’mon Steve… anything running related that contains the word “Barkley” is an automatic counter-example.

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