Pete Kresock has completed the 2022 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge!

@Challengers, we have our fourth FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge completion in the books for 2022! Congratulations to Pete Kresock (@Petorius) for not just completing all ten courses in less than 24 hours, but laying down the fastest time so far: 13:25:13 running time with 18:35:47 elapsed time, well under the 24-hour cutoff.

Pete started off with Taughannock Rim & Falls in the dark before coming back into Ithaca for Inlet Shore Trail and then tackling the fearsome Lick Brook & Treman FLT course while he was still somewhat fresh. Then he knocked off East Hill Dryden Rail Trail and Beebe Lake and Sweet 1600 in the wee hours, swung out to Lansing Center Trail for sunrise, worked in a trip home so he could take his kids to daycare in Dryden and run Jim Schug Trail, and then finished off with Long Loomis, a stop here to borrow an iPhone charging cable, and then Brookton Hill & Dale to call it day.

He’s undoubtedly home taking a well-deserved nap now, but I’m looking forward to hearing the play-by-play again. He did say that the weather worked out really well, with the light rain and cooler temperatures being preferable to the weekend’s heat.

Way to make us proud, Pete! Who’s going to be next?


Amazing! Congrats @Petorius

Wow!!! Congratulations, Pete! Can’t wait to hear the details. That is super impressive.

Congrats Pete!!

It was over before I even knew it started. Awesome job once again Pete! Look forward to hearing more of the details.

Awesome job Pete!!!

Okay, I’ve finally finished writing my story. Hopefully a few more will check this challenge off over the next week and a half. If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll help out however I can. The Long and Winding Trail: 2022 FLRC 100k Ultra Challenge


I just had a read through of your story. I always appreciate the humor you inject into your race reports. Great job on completing another Ultra Challenge @Petorius!

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Great story, @Petorius, and I’ve never thought about the possible DNF issues with getting skunked on a run. It would be awfully hard to continue, but you wouldn’t even want to get in your car.