Pete Kresock has completed the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge—AGAIN!

Check this out, @Challengers! Never one to leave a challenge unanswered, Pete Kresock went out yesterday and completed the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge for the second time. His running time was unsurprisingly a bit slower, given the sloppy conditions, 13:20:11 yesterday versus 12:20:44 back in June, but his elapsed time was significantly faster, 17:00:06 yesterday versus 18:40:45 previously.

A doubly impressive achievement, and we’re looking forward to a writeup, @Petorius!


Congrats, Pete!!

Great job Pete!!!

Inspiring stuff, @Petorius! Well done and Happy New Year! :tada::partying_face:

The main difference in elapsed time is that I didn’t have to take a two-hour break to get my kids to daycare, which also allowed me to to do them in a more efficient order. The limited daylight was a big factor in the run time because my vision is starting to get worse in low light for some reason. Thankfully I had @amelia-kaufman to run with at night through all the dense fog on the later road courses.

I originally wanted to do this on Dec 21st, the Winter Solstice, since I had the day free and my first run happened to be on the Summer Solstice, but I chickened out when I saw how cold it would be with the possibility of snow. I’m happy to end the year and the Challenge with this. I’ll write a detailed recap sometime in the next few days.

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I posted as a separate topic, but I’ll post the link my my write-up here as well. (I found it easier to write on my blog instead of on the forum directly.) Thanks for reading!

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Great report, Pete, and who knew fog would turn out to be such a factor?

And I can say with assurance that the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge will return next year, with all new courses and logistics to surmount. It attracted @dennis-s from the Syracuse area and @DamianClemons from up near Phelps, so I hope more ultrarunners from around the area see it as something new to tackle.

Thanks for sharing Pete. If it wasn’t for your blog I wouldn’t have heard of the FLRC or the ultra challenge. I am already looking forward to reading the rundown of your finish on the 2022 version.

@adamengst Definitely looking forward to hearing what you have cooked up for 2022. The fact that this was setup such that we could dictate our own schedule and logistics was definitely a unique feature that helps make it easier to fit it into our own personal schedules. Planning the strategy was just as fun as doing the running, although most of my strategies went out the window once the feet hit the ground. Thanks for all the hard work!

@DamianClemons Thanks! I know the race blog format has more or less died with the popularity of watered down social media posts, but it’s comments like this that keep me motivated to continue writing things on Blogger. Believe it or not I’ve actually had strangers approach me at races and recognize me from the blog and/or say thanks for providing a detailed course description for their first ultra. Plus I enjoy writing long form and hope that my kids will someday read this stuff and understand why I enjoy such a niche and physically punishing activity.