PGXC #5 photos and lost Hoka shoes

Hey @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon. I’ve uploaded the photos I took at the Fairport race last weekend, so take a look—there are some good ones!

Also, someone left a pair of Hoka shoes (women’s size 8) at the race. Let me know if they’re yours—I can bring them to the party on Sunday or a Tuesday night workout. Plus, no one has yet claimed the small Adidas black sweatpants someone left at the TC3 race.

Thanks Adam for more wonderful photos. What a great looking bunch of runners we are!!

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Here’s a fun photo Rahmon Sr captured of Adam…maybe we need a caption contest for this one!


Hah! I think that was when I was running down the sideline a bit to get spectators to move back, since the team on the end was worried that people were going to be blocking them.