PGXC race #4 - thank you to the volunteers!

To @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon:
Great photos by Adam taken yesterday during the XC race at TC3: PGXC #4 photos and lost Adidas sweatpants

Many thanks to the course marshals that came out early in the morning to kept us all safe and on course during the race and then assisted with course break down. @cfranck, who always gives generously of his time and energy, was up early and setting up the finish line chute while the field was still heavy with frost. Thanks also to @KSlater, @aaron.proujansky1, Jane Leff (@leffmath), Yann Fay, Gwenaël Fay, and Christine Sparfel for pointing the way and expertly holding traffic while we crossed the road. (Thanks too for fielding all the drivers coming to TC3 asking directions to the soccer tournament happening at the same time!) Special thanks to Coach Rich Bernstein for helping extensively with the course layout, making introductions to the right people at TC3, and course marshaling during the race. We would not have had a successful and fun race yesterday without all of their help - thanks!


Three Cheers for Charlie for all his behind the scenes over a long period of time for this race and so many others. Sincerely, Carl

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