Please fill out FLRC's Virtual Event Survey!

Good day, runners! Since we can’t do group runs or races right now, FLRC’s Events Team is looking into organizing various running-related virtual events. We’d appreciate it if you could take 1–2 minutes to fill out this quick survey about the types of events and delivery formats you’d prefer. Thanks!

And of course, questions, suggestions, and offers of help are always welcome—just reply here.


I have really been enjoying your running workouts, thank you so much for posting them. I was just wondering if it is possible that Winter Chill and Super Frosty Loomis were the only in person races in 2020? I am glad for the virtual races, though I am currently unable to run so have been doing a lot of cross training. If anyone form the club were interested in cross training workouts, I would be in to that too. I don’t know how much I am actually offering to help as I am expressing interest. Anyway, I hope you’re well. Cheers -Sarah

Sorry to hear you’ve been hurt, Sarah! The year started out well, thanks to your efforts with all four Winter Chill races, plus the January and February track meets, the Hartshorne Masters Mile, and Super Frosty Loomis. But it’s impossible to know when we’ll be able to have in-person races again. Fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later.

Cross-training or strength workouts are a good idea, either as weekly posts or webinars. (I’m in the same boat as you and am just riding on a trainer and doing strength work.) We have plenty of expertise in the club—the trick is just figuring out the best ways to share it.