Posting photos with your results in Webscorer

@lizhartman asked a good question this morning. She and @gplwoo took a nice photo of themselves and Sam the Dog after they ran Psuedo Skunk Cabbage yesterday and when they were submitting their times, they noticed the Webscorer app’s “Post results with an optional photo” command. They used that to post the photo, and then wondered where it went.

Here’s the answer. Because we’re self-timing here, Webscorer includes the option to submit a photo with results as a way of documenting that you actually ran the time you say you did. Those photos are stored with the results and are available for race directors—but only race directors—to see. So I was able to extract their photo and send it to Liz, though in a relatively small size.

The practical upshot of this is that you should not feel the need to document your time with a photo unless it’s a particularly impressive time that you think I’ll be querying anyway. And even then, I’ll get in touch to learn more, so Webscorer may not be the best way to document such efforts—just make sure you keep photos or Strava posts that provide confirmation.