Proposed carpooling for 2021 PGXC #2 on 9/26 at 8:45 AM

For Fully Vaccinated @pgxc-men and @pgxc-women:
Let’s reduce our emissions and have fun chatting as we travel to this coming weekend’s race in Auburn.
It’s about 1 hour drive. To give us time, let’s:
MEET AT 8:30AM and LEAVE at 8:45AM (Sunday, September 26th)
Southwest corner of the Vet School parking lot (across from the Cornell Orchards on Route 366
PLEASE RSVP to this Forum Topic so we know how many to expect (higher chance we will wait for you…)


I’m in!

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@tonya and I will come to the Vet School lot to at least say hello to those carpooling. We’re still feeling our way into what we’re comfortable with. See you Sunday!

Hi Jean Luc, I’ll have a car for three folks (in addition to me) provided folks have had CV vaccination(s) and really wear a mask. Looking forward to driving passengers … carzy!!!, Carl

I am OK with carpooling. My calves are touchy this week (likely from 40 miles of mountain hiking), so I am currently on the fence about running on Sunday.


OK. Looks like we are set. I will have at least two seats available in my car. Not too many people have responded, so we will probably only have two cars leaving Vet Med.
See you Sunday morning, 8:30!