Proposed carpooling for PGXC #3 on Oct 10th to Akron Falls Park: 7:15 AM (ouch!)

Never too soon to plan a carpool for this long journey.
Google thinks it takes 1.5 hours longer to get to Akron Falls than to Auburn. So we leave 1.5 hours earlier.
The good thing about running in Ithaca: the people you run with are invariably quite interesting. We are going to make use of that fact on Sunday as we travel to this coming weekend’s race in Akron.
It’s about a 2:20 hours drive. To give us time, let’s:
MEET AT 7:00AM and LEAVE at 7:15AM (Sunday, October 10th).
That gets us to Akron with an hour to spare (assuming we stop along the way, a wise move).
No time to get lost en route.
Southwest corner of the Vet School parking lot (across from the Cornell Orchards on Route 366
PLEASE RSVP to this Forum Topic so we know how many to expect.

[Not sure if this image is loading: same meet up spot as two weeks ago…]

@crf1 and I are planning to be there and drive up together, at the least.

Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for organizing us! I was hoping to hitch a ride and go to the after race get together. Can anyone provide that sort of a ride? Much obliged if that was possible!, Go Teams, Carl

I am interested in the carpool.

Hey all,
I am going to drive. Adam is in and Jean-Luc, I suggest you just walk over Sunday morning before 7am and ride with me to the Vet School lot. That makes 3 in my car so far. So I can take one more for sure and probably both Carl and Sandy. That’s 3 in the back seat and while I’ve not sat in the back before I’m reasonably sure you’d be comfortable with 3 passengers (it’s a Volvo XC60). However, if there are any more wanting to carpool then obviously we’d need a second car. I do request we all mask in the car. Also know I’ll be coming back after the race and not stopping for crepes in Canandaigua so if you’ve got your heart set on that we’ll need another car.

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Sounds good. @ldebefve, will you be wanting to join the carpool too? If so, that puts us at six and would require a second car. @Brenda_Kirk and @pattylarkin74, let us know if you want to join the carpool as well. No pressure at all—just what people feel comfortable with.

I’m driving up on Saturday so I won’t join the carpool.

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@crf1 I will show up at your house around 6:50. Thanks so much for driving!

I will be at the vet lot at 7am masked and ready and very happy for the ride. Thanks!

Thanks a bunch Charlie! I’ll see you folks at the Vet School lot, Sincerely, Carl

@pgxc-men and @pgxc-women, it was great to have a nearly traditional (masked) carpool to a PGXC race once again. Thanks to Charlie Fay for driving and for the company from Jean-Luc Jannink, Sandy Gregorich, and Carl Franck. A few of the many topics that came up during the ride:

  • What it’s like to live in Brittany in France
  • Multilingual parents who speak to their kids only in a language other than English
  • Issues with cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • Things you can learn at Circus Culture
  • Running national XC events with the GVH traveling team
  • Farm work and machinery from the 1970s and 1980s
  • Different sorts of 1-mile races that would appeal to speedsters, families, and ultrarunners
  • Teaching kids to build crystal radios

Anyway, much as carpooling can be a harder decision these days, it’s still a ton of fun even while wearing a mask.

Full recap coming soon, but photos are up at

Great photos!! Nice to get high-quality shots of the runners in action.

Yes, really great photos! And thanks @adamengst for capturing the topics discussed while carpooling. It’s pretty hilarious to see them in list format! No wonder the ride seemed short!