Question about 2023 Sackets Harbor Races

Hi folks,

I was just searching around for weekend getaway-type race possibilities this year, and the Sackets Harbor Marathon & Half-Marathon popped up (Sept. 3, 2023). It seems like this is the first year for the race, so I was trying to find out a bit more info, and I came across the 18.12 challenge (offering a wide range of races: 5k, 18.12, Half, Full), also in Sackets Harbor and scheduled for just one week beforehand (Aug 27, 2023). Seems like an odd bit of timing for the two to be so close together. So, my question is: does anyone have info about either of the races? To be clear, I’m not trying to stir up any gossip, just trying to assess the pros & cons / risks & benefits of them. Thanks!

Unfortunately that’s a pretty messy and unfortunate situation.

If the triathlon your referring to is the Incredoubleman, I did it in 2019. At the time, we were told it was the last year. The race location was lovely, but participation was low and the race was not well supported.

Ah, that is what I was afraid of. Perhaps I will try another location, or just go for a nice long run while camping!

I don’t think these are the same, but I’ve noticed an unfortunate dip in tri participation and/or take-overs by the big tri companies. Thanks for the reply, sounds like it maybe was a cool race at some point in its history?

It’s a really cool little town and beautiful area. Either may be worth the trip. 1812 has been running for a decade. The inaugural SH Half add Full, with first time RD’s dropped right onto the same weekend that 1812 historically ran, in there same small town, and beat them to the official paper permit even though 1812 had verbal approval logged. Really really bad taste and I think must reflect those new RDs, and pretty weird for SH to approve. With that said, it looks like they’re setting up a really organized event.

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