Race Registration Openings

I am curious as to when the registrations for the the FLRC trail and road races normally go up. Is it typically done all at once, or do they go up a few months ahead of the race? Is their something to flag you when registrations will be or do open? Looking to get my 2022 schedule locked in. The only two overlaps I see for those I was looking at are ThomB looks like it will likely fall the same week as Segahunda, and Many on the Genny will fall on the same day as Tortoise&Hare.

Also curious when the 2022 version of the challenge is expected to kick in.

In normal years, we like to open the registrations as soon as we’re pretty sure nothing will change, which varies by race but is generally fairly early. Last year, because we weren’t certain about so much, registrations tended to open on the later side of things. The race dates are set though, and shouldn’t change unless something moves under us.

@Petorius and I haven’t talked this through explicitly yet, but I think we could probably set up registrations for most of the races we had last year quite soon. Some, like Skunk, are a little more tentative because they depend on permits we haven’t yet gotten.

But Finger Lakes 50s opens tonight at midnight, and that’s the only FLRC race that has a serious cap.

As far as the 2022 FLRC Challenge, my current thinking is that it will start April 15th and continue through August 15th, shortening the season to reduce burnout and avoiding some of the nastier weather. Plus, that lets us use the FLRC Annual Picnic in late August as the award ceremony.

@adamengst Thanks for the explanations and it all makes perfect sense.