Register for the Forge the Gorge trail race on August 10 at Fillmore Glen State Park

Spend a Thursday evening with us running the Forge the Gorge trail race!

The course winds along wooded trails on the north and south rims of the Fillmore Glen Gorge, dropping into the gorge and crisscrossing the creek over a series of bridges. The trail race offers two distances: the 7-mile course includes two scenic, partially overlapping loops, whereas the 3.5-mile course peels off the long course halfway and heads to the finish. The race is the seventh in the 2023 FLRC Trail Circuit and both distances will count toward our Stonehead, Pebblehead, and Boulderhead rankings—check the leaderboard.

We encourage carpooling to help fight climate change and save on parking fees—sign up to drive or ride if you can.

Register today to run these gorge-ous trails!

And if you’re not running or want to cheer on a friend or family member, please sign up to volunteer in Helper Helper!

We look forward to seeing you at Fillmore Glen State Park on August 10!