Resources about exercise and air quality

Unprecedented conditions, runners, and we’re all having trouble figuring what we should and should not do while this continues. The EPA has a well-done site at that provides current conditions, although when you look at their monitors, there’s only a ozone monitor above Treman; their closest particulate monitor seems to be Syracuse. However, these are official monitoring stations.

For a map with more local particulate reading, check out the PurpleAir map that includes three private sensors in Ellis Hollow.

The AirNow site has a FAQ talking about the different maps, what they’re good for, how they relate to the “dial” number, and why they may not seem to agree at all times.

How should this information affect your behavior? AirNow publishes Activity Guides that offer some useful guidance:

Although not much is said about masking, a page about dealing with smoke in the air does support the wearing of N95 masks.

Finally, another page on the site says:

If you are healthy, you’re usually not at a major risk from short-term exposures to smoke. Still, it’s a good idea to avoid breathing smoke if you can help it. Everyone should take the steps below when wildfires are present.

Use common sense. If it looks smoky outside, it’s probably not a good time to mow the lawn or go for a run. And it’s probably not a good time for your children to play outdoors.

Stay healthy out there, and if you’ve run across other useful guidance, please share!


Thank you for sharing all the resources you have with us @adamengst. Very much appreciated.

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This is really helpful! Thank you for putting these together and making it easy for us to find and utilize resources.

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Just found an animated map that shows where smoke is moving for the next 18 hours. It’s based on infrared detection of fires and applying weather models to predict smoke movements. Try it with the Near Surface Smoke option.

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