Results from Winter Chill #2

Shouldn’t we have postponed today’s 5k for being too warm? Results are on our website at

Crazy warm, wasn’t it? Barton wasn’t the refuge from the weather that it usually is during the January meet either.

Anyone have a race report from Winter Chill #2?

Okay, I’ll bite:

It was a lovely not-quite-winter morning to be out with friends in Cass Park. I got in about 20 miles total, what with running down to the waterfront from Ellis Hollow, racing, enjoying a cool down circuit with @LizK and then running slowly back up the hill to home. Temps were comfortable, and the wind wasn’t overly impactful during the 5K, although a very casual survey had others joining me in being a few seconds slower than last Sunday. I was quite glad to have worn sunglasses to keep blowing dust out of my eyes along Ellis Hollow Creek and Stevenson roads, although nothing in particular was blowing around during the race (other than @AranH blowing by me with less than a quarter mile to go!). And, while I took off my windbreaker and gloves for the 5K, I was quite happy to have them for the rest of my jaunt, hence my description of it being winterish, but not quite.

Many thanks to Sarah Drumheller, @heathercobb3, @mickiejauquet, and the many other volunteers who made it possible for the rest of us to get out and play in the breezy sunshine. Oh, and thanks also to @gvanloon for kindly putting some evidence of effort into his breathing as he accompanied me while I was obviously giving it what I had.


There are some interesting connections between temperature and race times.

Of course, when a race announcer says that it’s a perfect day for a race, they may also be thinking “a perfect temperature for the volunteers to stand around for hours.” :slight_smile:

Considering I was running (literally) on 1.5 hours of sleep and just landed back in Ithaca at 10am Sunday morning, I was glad to volunteer for sweeper and enjoy an easy jaunt along the Water Front!