Results From Winter Chill #4 and Final Series Standings

(I’ve posted this on the FLRC Web site at but also posting here for posterity.)

The series ended with some decent winter running weather and several of the fastest finishing times we’ve seen at any of this year’s Chills. 29 runners completed all four series races, led by Brennan Brockway and Caitlin Loehr, who averaged 21:21 and 22:36, respectively. (Scroll down for the 2020 overall series standings.) 185 of you ran at least one of the races.

We handed out some prizes at the post-series brunch at Kelly’s Dockside. Shirts were awarded to top male finisher Brockway, top female finisher Loehr, the slowest finisher (and weekly course sweep, Heather Cobb), as well as a random drawing of Matthew Clark. If you missed out on buying or winning a shirt, we will be selling them at the next indoor track meet on February 23 in Barton Hall.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who made these races possible while struggling to maintain a stable core temperature. Alissa McCain handled day-of registration and bib handout. She was assisted by John Shaff, who also dropped the cone at the turn-around every week. Adam and his group of timers showed up at each race to record times with frozen fingers. The rest of you know who you are—thank you! And thank you to all the new members who joined FLRC to run one or more of these races!

Next weekend strap on your snowshoes and take it off-road at the Super Frosty Loomis 5K/10K Snowshoe Race. On the opposite end of the running surface spectrum, February 23 is our second of three indoor winter track meets.

Webscorer: Chill #4 | Series Standings

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