RRCA Olympic Women's Marathon Trials article

Here’s an RRCA article about the women’s Olympic marathon trials race in February.
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Alas, no mention of @ChelseaB, Bailey, Ellie, or Julie. :slight_smile: Not too surprising, perhaps but it was nice to see ex-local Molly Huddle getting a prominent writeup. (I’ve been rooting for Molly ever since she outkicked me in an FLRC mile at Barton 18 years ago when she was 17 and I was 34.) Casey Carlstrom’s niece Keira D’Amato is also in it.

Back in the day, Molly ran some local races. I believe she ran Tanglewood about 15 years ago.

In our results archive Molly is listed as having won the WDF 5k as a teenager in 2001 and 2002. https://fingerlakesrunners.org/old_results/index.html