Run 2.23 today in honor of Ahmaud Arbery

If any folks don’t have their run in today, consider running 2.23 today in honor of Ahmaud Arbery (and unarmed jogger) who was followed, shot, and killed because he looked “suspicious”. This was in Georgia and happened in late Feb, though nothing happened until the video was released recently. Definitely worth our time and conversation with re: to runner safety as I think running is for everyone (though it is not equally safe for everyone).


I missed this when it happened, but ran across the article today. Terrible, horrible event.

Did you see the video? Running down the middle of a quiet suburban street, in broad daylight, wearing jogging clothes.

Yes, Adam I’m not sure if many aside from those directly involved knew about this. When I first saw articles, I thought it happened this week, but realized it happened way back in Feb but nothing was done and no arrests were made until the footage was released this past week. Imagine this happening to one of us and no arrests were made for over two months. Running is one of the few things keeping some people sane about now.

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