Running Fundraiser for Tracy Mitrano

Hi Finger Lakes Running Friends! I wanted to let everyone know about my running plans for this weekend and see if anyone wants to get involved :slight_smile:

I’ll be running up and down my road (Coddington Road) this Saturday and Sunday with a goal of hitting 40 miles in support of Congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano. I’m asking people to sponsor me for every mile that I run to raise money for the campaign before their last major fundraising deadline next week.

You can learn more about it, here:

Or join the FB event for live updates this weekend, here:

Let me know if you want to help out or coordinate!


Ah, finally @Ian’s comments about running through the night start to make sense!

Even if you’re not running through the night, Liz (which sounds like torture to me :anguished:), 40 miles across two days is a heck of a challenge—good luck! I’m not up to even portions of that kind of distance yet, but hopefully some others in the community will provide you with some company. Sounds like Ian may have signed himself up and maybe some of the ultra folks will join in too.

Coddington Road is awfully pretty this year, though it also has the creepiest Halloween installation (at least it better be for Halloween) I’ve seen yet, with adult and child mannequins by the side of the road. I’d freak if they popped up in my headlights at night.

Keep us posted on how it goes through the weekend!

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Holy cow, that’s creepy. Forget about people joining her for any miles passed those two.

Double points for anyone who posts a selfie with the mannequins.

Adam, I will try to remember to get a selfie tomorrow! Or one of the times I run by this weekend!!!

Here is my selfie next to the creepy mannequin and doll!, Adam!

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Where is this on Coddington? I want those double points :scream:

She’s even creepier in the mist!

According to the location data from my iPhone, it’s just after Deputron Hollow Road, which is a fair ways out. (I saw it while riding away from Ithaca, and I think I turned at the next intersection, which is Ridgeway, where you can pick up the Finger Lakes Trail.)


Update on my run! I’m 30 miles in and it’s been smooth sailing so far. Thank you Gerrit, Nichole and Bridget for the awesome company.

If you want to donate,
Make your pledge here

Or, donate directly here

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Final update! The last 10 miles went really smoothly and we raised over $6k. I was definitely feeling a little bit tired but it wasn’t unpleasant! Thankfully I scheduled an appointment with Gerrit Van Loon this morning to speed up my recovery and I’m feeling great. I suspect that taking it easy in between my runs and lots of stretching of problem areas after my runs was also really helpful!

For anybody out there who’s thinking about embarking on a similar amount of mileage, I say, go for it! In case anyone is curious, I usually hit just shy of 55 miles a week, over 5 days.

Here I am after finishing mile 40.