Running Inside Out Podcast—Guest on Episode 100

I had a great time as a guest on episode 100 of my friend Chris O’Brien’s podcast Running Inside Out. On the episode we discuss ultramarathons around the northeast, the Ithaca and Rochester trail running scenes, the FLRC Ultra Challenge, training while managing kids, the Star Wars Holiday Special, and a whole lot more! (And I think I convinced him to register for the FLRC Challenge.)

The podcast has been around for a few years and mainly focuses on trail and road running around Upstate NY. (Several other FLRC members such as @ellie-pell and @scotiej28 have previously been on the show too.) Check out the episode Web page here: Running Inside Out Podcast: 100: It Can Be Life Changing - with Pete Kresock or look for it directly on Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc. Thanks for listening!

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