Seeking trail running friend(s)

I’m signed up for the Finger Lakes 50 and am looking to do more trail runs. I’m slower (11-12 min miles). Looking for mid week medium distance runs (4-6 miles or so). I have a somewhat flexible schedule.
Please connect if you are interested.


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Hi Gerald. That’s about my pace especially for a trail run with some walking too. I can run during the week also but I do not know the trails well enough to go it alone. If you’re familiar with them then I’d be happy to go for a run with you.

Finger Lakes 50s is one of my favorite races. You will love it.

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Hi Michelle,

That’s great. I’m learning the trails but I always run with Trailforks on my phone. Is there a time of day or day of the week that works better for you? I swim Monday and Thursday nights. Otherwise I have enough running lights to light a stadium or can go during the day.


Any day really, I’m retired! Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morningish this week? I suppose we should see what about weather. If there’s a particular time or day just let me know. I am flexible.

Not sure if I’m resending cause I thought I deleted previous response but I am pretty flexible. Most mornings work for me. Not sure what the weather looks like this week but I am available Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morningish. See what works best for you and if I can do it then great!

Wednesday morning looks best for me or most Fridays. Unfortunately the furnace person is coming this Friday. I guess it also depends on how early and where.
Want to set a weather dependent Wednesday run this week? I have no preference for location.

Sure. Let’s go with Wednesday 930, 10am? Or is that too late? Since you probably want to run on a trail up to you where to go. You can text me 607-279-4785 so we don’t have to keep checking email! I live in Freeville, close to rail trails here and in Dryden. There’s also a rail trail near game farm road, (some options).