Seneca7 2024

The High Noon Masters team took second place in the Seneca7 relay race this weekend. Our team was comprised of Mike Stewart, Aaron King, Tristan Lambert, Audun Dahl, Peter Frazier, Roger Moseley, and Killian Weinberger. Our team (with a different, funnier name) had also taken second last year, but we lost some super fast runners so it wasn’t clear if we could repeat. In the beginning of the race we were only in 4th or 5th place and were worried it wasn’t going to happen, but it seems we ran the wiser, more even paced race and took second by around 4 minutes over the third place team. It was great fun, and awesome to see many other local teams out on the course.


Great job maintaining the local legacy of podium finishes, and congrats to all the local teams that competed! The Cornell Running Club really smoked the course this year with a new course record. I was curious, and the progression so has been:

2011: Our Cayuga 7 team wins the inaugural race in 8:13:42 despite one of our runners getting lost in Sampson State Park due to us being there before the course marshals were scheduled to arrive.

2012: Results are not available, but we won again.

2013: Our Cayuga 7 team wins again, dropping the course record substantially to 7:37.34, but beating the Renegade 7 (a Binghamton team) by only about 3 minutes in 7:40:30.

2017: The Renegade 7 team returns and takes the win with a new course record of 7:37:02, with our mixed male and female Cayuga 7 team taking second in 7:40:40.

2018: The all-female Red Newt Racing team from Ithaca wins overall, setting a new women’s course record of 7:54:28, down from 8:20:10, set in 2015 by the GVH Fusterclucks (who also won overall). The High Noon “We’re Older Than You” Masters team places third overall in 8:04:29 and devotes much of its race to cheering for the Red Newt women, especially when passing men (“Go Julie!”) running for the second place team.

2019: Our High Noon “Older, Faster, Stronger” team (three masters runners and four younger guys) team tries to retake the course record and wins overall in 7:34:45, but misses the record by 43 seconds. The Cornell Running Club places second in 7:55:03.

2023: The High Noon “If Race Lasts >4hrs, Seek Medical Attention” Masters team takes second in 8:01:41 to an ascendent Cornell Running Club team that wins in 7:37:29, or 27 seconds off the course record.

2024: The Cornell Running Club finally claims the course record in 7:27:02, with our High Noon Masters team second in 8:16:56.