Shared .gpx files for 2024 FLRC Challenge courses

If people are having too many issues when relying on RunGo for navigation, another option is to load the .gpx file for a route to your GPS watch and then select the route in navigation mode before starting your run. Most (but done all) modern GPS watches have this feature.

The process may differ depending on your watch’s make and model and what app you use to sync it, but the principles are the same. Google your model for better clarification.

Click on the .gpx link and then “save to file.”

Open the app you use to connect your watch and import the file.

Sync the watch with the app. It should import the .gpx route to the watch’s hard drive.

Before you start your run, scroll to the navigation feature and select the route.

When you start the activity, the watch will display a crude course map and may beep to indicate turns or warn you if you go off course.

Hoctothon FLRC_Tough_Trail_Challenge_5_5_Hammond_Hill_Hoctothon.gpx (1.8 MB)

Duck Trails FLRC_Tough_Trail_Challenge_4_5_Duck_Trails.gpx (484.2 KB)

FH Fox
FLRC_Tough_Trail_Challenge_3_5_FH_Fox.gpx (968.9 KB)

Treman Trailipop
FLRC_Tough_Trail_Challenge_2_5_Treman_Trailipop.gpx (1.7 MB)

Lindsay Parsons
FLRC_Tough_Trail_Challenge_1_5_Lindsay_Parsons.gpx (970.9 KB)

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