Sharing photos from past FLRC events

I have some random photos from a few different FLRC events over the past couple of years. How do I go about sharing them here?

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That’s great, @Gretchen! There are a few different ways of sharing photos in the FLRC photo library, depending on how many you have and what events they’re from.

  • If your photos are from a recent event that has an album already, or from an older one that also has an album, you can just click the album icon to open it, and then click the blue Add More Photos button at the upper right. You don’t need to create an account, but if you do, your name will be listed as the person who uploaded the photos.

  • If you have a relatively small number of photos from just a few events, just let me know what the events are, and from what years, and I’ll create an album into which you can upload photos.

  • If you have a lot of photos from a lot of events, I can share the Yogile login information with you privately so you can create the albums yourself and upload into them—it’s easy to do. I’ll also share the details about naming conventions and settings and that sort of thing.