Skunk Cabbage and Indoor Track Meet Canceled

We will not be ordering beanies this year, but I am happy to refund you for it. Please make sure to send an email to

Hi I was going to be out of town so I never registered. Now I am not going to travel so I was wondering if it’s still possible to register for the virtual half. Thanks.

No need to register, @Sten_Anderson—we’re doing the virtual race entirely on the honor system to keep the amount of extra work low. :slight_smile: Have a great virtual race!

Thanks for doing this.

It looks like Finger Lakes Running Co. is now closed until further notice. What is the best way to get the medals for our virtual race? Do we submit our mailing address somewhere specific? (There are three of us here planning this.)

We’re also curious if y’all had a custom bib graphic design ready? If you posted a .pdf of that, individuals could print their own bibs at home, and take photos and whatnot.

There’s a form linked in the original announcement at the top where you can submit your mailing address.

Honestly, things have been changing so fast on us that we don’t have a plan for what to do—the entire point of having people pick up the medals was to save the significant volunteer work of stuffing and mailing envelopes, and we’d planned to spread the load by doing it at our April board meeting… which now can’t happen in person. So please, just sit tight. We have the medals, and we don’t want to keep the medals, but in the overall scheme of what’s happening, it may be a bit before they can be distributed.

As far as the bib design goes, let’s see if @AlexK has a PDF proof she could share here.

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I would like to donate my Skunk Cabbage race registration to the Finger Lakes Running Club.

Please let me know what information you need from me (Garmin screenshot of my 13.1 run?) to receive the Skunk Cabbage medal for the virtual run.

We appreciate what you are doing and what you folks are going through with the unfortunate cancellation of this race.

If there is created some sort of dropbox in Ithaca where we can pick up medals easily and without undue effort on your part, just let us know.

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Thank you for the donation, Amy! The virtual race is on the honor system, so all you need to do to get the medal is enter your mailing address in this form.

It turns out that the bib files we could get (and what @AlexK posted earlier) were password-protected PDFs, so they can’t be printed or exported or edited in any way. Sorry!

An update on the Skunk medals: Our plan to let people pick up medals for the virtual Skunk at the Finger Lakes Running Company has been derailed by New York State on PAUSE forcing many businesses to close. Similarly, the stay-at-home recommendations prevent our volunteers from acquiring mailing supplies, stuffing envelopes, and visiting the post office to mail medals to out-of-towners.

So please be patient. When the running store reopens and we can once again work together on the mailing, we’ll start the medal distribution and let everyone know. Don’t worry, it will happen—we don’t want to have all these medals around forever! :slight_smile:

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Can I still pre-register for the virtual Skunk Cabbage? I’m planning to run a 10K on Sunday. I’m glad to donate the registration fee. Tom Joyce

What are the guidelines for the Virtual 1/2 marathon? I am planning a route using GPS. I will ride the route on my bike. I am planning water stops at a grocery on the route. My speed has not progressed as well as I expected. Can I please have a waiver on the time limit?

No time limit! Take as much time as you need to complete the distance, you could even spread it over a few different days. Have fun and stay safe!

I am grateful for the health and the freedom to get outside. Tomorrow (Saturday), I will joyfully run my virtual Skunk Cabbage Half. I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts on the FLRC FB page. Run Long and Prosper!!

Physical distancing, yes. But no need to nature distance.

If anyone wants to print out a bib for the virtual race, here is a quick mockup.
You will need to open in Photoshop or compatible in order to put in your own number.
I recommend printing at roughly 50% scale in order to approximate a typical bib size. Or you can just size it to whatever your printer can handle.

PS: I hope the race organizers don’t mind! Have a great run, everyone, and stay healthy.

Thank you to the FLRC magicians who renewed the mile markers on the road! While it was weird to run alone, I appreciated the “race atmosphere” on the ground. :wink:

Also, shout-out to the gentleman who was rattling a bunch of cowbells from his car at the (virtual) finish line in front of Barton Hall. You are amazing.


Thanks, @mouselink—happy to have a virtual bib graphic for people to print!

Sorry for the lag in replying, Tom. The virtual Skunk is entirely on the honor system, so no need to register.

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