Skunk & Other Race Posters for 2022?

Hey all, hoping to print out a few Skunk + Race Series posters for campus & gyms, etc.

Do we have collateral on hand?

Yep, here’s a link to the shared Google Drive folder for 2022 posters.

@tonya has been maintaining a list of where posters have already gone up in the Skunk PR document, so perhaps check there first and add any new places where you post

I don’t know if Tonya has had a chance to run the WDF and Twilight posters by @Lorrie_Tily and @mickiejauquet yet, so perhaps hold off on those for the moment. And I’ll have an FLRC Challenge poster up very soon, once I get registration open, hopefully this weekend.


Yes, running the posters for WDF and Twilight by their RDs is on my real-soon-now to-do list, so probably today or Sunday. Also @Petorius and @adamengst may be working on a Thom B poster. (Pete is handling PR for trail runs; I’m doing roads - we are considering WDF to be a road race for the purposes of splitting up PR efforts.) I’ll share that list of where Skunk PR has gone up in this forum in just a few minutes.

Here’s the full run-down on where Skunk posters or mentions have gone out:


  • FLRC Footnotes (obviously!) - Adam (and tweak the blurb as desired). This was done for end-of-Feb and is planned for end-of-March
  • Create an event in the FLRC Facebook group (I realized this is a thing we should do on 3/6, so I did it! -Tonya) I’ve also posted there some weekends and I’ve been posting Skunkday runs there
  • Facebook FLRC page - Vinny has been posting there. Tonya has also posted a few times.
  • Twitter - Kate has taken this on
  • IHS Cross-country/track team - Adam contacted the coach to invite the entire team
  • Cornell Running Club and T&F Club - Tonya (2/27 - I emailed Jack and Julia with note and poster and Jack wrote back to say they’d tell the team)
  • Ellis Hollow email list - An idea that’s not yet happened
  • Cornell Wellness - Tonya (I emailed Kerry Howell on 2/27.) (pinged her and added one other Wellness staffer on 3/6. I got a yes on 3/7/ Also they will post on Big Red Rec instagram and facebook pages)
  • Visit Ithaca website Submitted on 2/28 and approved a day or two later. Contact is Adam is with email address.
  • (Ithaca Times events site) - same picture as Visit Ithaca. This is done!
  • Tompkins Weekly events calendar]( - Submitted on 2/28 and it was accepted
  • FleetFeet calendar - Lorrie T suggested this, but I’ve not yet looked into it


  • Island Fitness - Pete did this
  • FLX Fitness - Adam said that Joel and Jessica would do this - I thought, Joel, that you had already received a poster PDF, so sorry if that didn’t happen yet!
  • Cayuga Medical - Adam asked, not sure if anything happened
  • Ithaca YMCA - Sue Aigen asked, we got a nice reply, I assume the poster is up
  • Cornell Rock Wall - Sandy posted
  • Circus - Sandy posted
  • Ithaca College fitness area and other areas (Adam, Sarah Drumheller - this is completed)
  • Cornell Teagle Hall and Helen Newman - Tonya did this
  • TC3 athletic areas - Eric Sambolac posted
  • SUNY Cortland Athletic Department - Julie Randall posted
  • East Hill P&C - Tonya posted
  • Tops at Triphammer - Vinny said he’d post
  • Running Store - Tonya posted
  • Home Green Home on the Commons - Mickie posted