Slow Treman run on Sunday 8/14?

So I have only one course left! I had planned on doing the Treman/Lick Brook course on 7/23 with the group but got Covid a few days before. It’s been slow going getting back into running but I really want to finish the challenge so I’m planning to do my one remaining course on the last possible day! I will probably take it quite slow (lots of hiking) and would love company for some or all of it :slight_smile:

Lynsay, @gumbywhale and I are running Lick Brook/Treman on Saturday morning and there will be mostly walking on the Lick Brook side (first, so as to not be crossing the stream/railroad bridge at the ver end) and then more running on the Treman side. We plan to meet at 7:45 and start at 8. I know you want to go on Sunday, but you are welcome to join us on Saturday. And anyone else who wants to join or just be on the course at the same time is good, too… I am a little worried about finding the two turnaround signs, and I have previewed 80% of the course!

Thanks Tonya! Unfortunately I can’t go on Saturday. We are away on vacation, returning that afternoon. I hope you have a great run and decent weather :slight_smile:

I plan on running this on Sunday. I too will be taking it slow and I’m sure hiking some of it. If you want to go together let me know. My husband was going to do it with me but I think he would rather not go slow, lol.

That would be great Jodi! Thanks! What time were you thinking of heading out?

We haven’t talked about a time yet, do you have something in mind?

Jodi I just messaged you separately to work out logistics. Also ok if the timing doesn’t work out perfectly. It’ll just be nice to have other runners on the course around the same time!

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A friend and I will also be out on the course tomorrow morning! We’ll be going very slowly I expect - I haven’t run that far in years. Lots of hiking. So you may run past us! Nice to know others will be out there too :slight_smile:


I’ll be tackling Lick Brook with my running partner, Terry, tomorrow. Starting at 8:15am. We run a 9:30/10 min road pace usually. BUT… This isn’t anything like that AND we ran the Brookton Hill and Dale on Thursday morning and I’m still a bit sore.

We’ll be running the flats at the least. Maybe running the downhills too.

Definitely swimming in the brook afterwards!

It’ll be nice to see some other FLRC Challengers out there.


Hooray! So happy others will be on the course. I may not be able to get out there until later but hope to see some of you :slight_smile:

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