Snow/Ice in the trail courses?

Lots of action on the trail courses today. Can anyone tell me how snowy and icy the Danby, Frolic and Thom B courses are? The forest roads at Frolic were almost all ice in Monday. Is Hammond Hill ready for snowshoes yet? Thanks!

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I wore spikes at Hammond Hill, maybe not quite enough snow to float snowshoes, but the traction of snowshoes can be good


Danby run: sloppy/muddy/slippery because of wet leaves and mud but not icy. The snow was melting when we ran and is probably gone by now

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Danby was super sloppy. We just hiked it, and even that was a bit dicey at times. On the other hand, it was quite beautiful.

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Thanks all! I don’t mind the slop but I wanted to know that the trails aren’t covered in solid ice or 6 inches of snow before driving there today.